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It didn't happen. Alliance Hive. I told her I would hang out a bit to see if Thomas returned. 2. My fiancé called back later that day, when my fiancé called and Heidi answered she said she was sorry the employee before had stated they could not help and offered assistance with our bill. I retained proof of the notice that was submitted. This letter is in response to complaint # [redacted] regarding a resident of [redacted]. My head of maintenance was in the office and as we were about to leave for the inspection, the resident changed her tone and said the issue had been going on for three months. The on-call maintenance technician responded and arrived at her apartment within an hour. I followed the procedures that were given to me by the [redacted] of giving notice. I informed her that I did not appreciate her tone and upsetting words while I was trying my best to help, and returned to my office. We know of no licensing or registration requirement for companies engaged in this company's stated type of business. Then Patty managed to follow me from the back office to the front office to walk in and tell me that she just got off the phone with Thomas and that he was not going to be returning today and that any of my requests had to be put in writing and turned into their legal department? Customer service contacts and company information. The on call maintenance technician responded and arrived at her apartment within an hour. Then my most recent poor customer service experience was today! They chose a day that I was supposed to work over and all the ones I didn’t, and the whole process ended up taking exactly 20 minutes from beginning to end but I ended up having to lose the whole day because no one would give me a clear time of when they were going to turn off my power. If that's not enough to keep you running in the opposite direction from a property manage by alliance let me let you in on what it's like to get maintenance done here. CounterpointeSRE partners with numerous CA governments and building departments to provide long term financing for seismic retrofits. First, the resident requested that I walk with her to inspect the problem. 3. We got our electric bill for the month of September which was $351.45 for the month of September. The grounds of the apartment are fairly well-maintained but then again they always have been. (Because I was asking for paperwork that I was already suppose to be given?) The management never even apologize for the length of time that it took for them to fix the problem which eventually caused me to lose a day of pay and overtime hours that I worked because they needed to turn the power off to fix it. Comision 0%. I wish I would have read all the negative ratings from other residents that are posted online showing that this place is inhabitable and unsafe before moving to this property. I terminated my lease due to the neglect. I assured her that we were leaving at that moment to address the issue, but she stated that she wanted to move out and be released from the leasing contract. We called our power company [redacted] to discuss the issue assuming it was a mistake and they stated that this amount of usage did intact occur in our unit, 108 and this amount of usage would only be possible if someone were to be living in the apartment and that we needed to contact our landlord. At Alliance Home Inspections LLC, we offer an investigative home inspection that is designed to protect home buyers while providing them with a multitude of exciting benefits. The Comfort INN located at Sky Park Dr NE, Corydon, IN 47112, is by far the WORST place I have ever attempted to do business withI cannot even comment on the cleanness or comfort of this star hotel as we never got the chance to stay thereOur organization set up a room block with this motel after all other hotels didn’t have enough vacancyWe were given through the 19th of May to reserve our roomsHowever, on the 19th when our parents tried to call and reserve their room they were given multiple lies about the room blockSome were told the was never a room block, some were told that no one had booked so the block was lifted, and then when I called myself I was told that the block was canceled by “someone”During my call I asked to speak to a supervisor or someone who could help resolve our issueThe person who answered the phone, he said his name was “D”, claimed the manager was not in and wouldn’t be in laterI continued to talk to him as I was so confused as to how we received so many conflicting stories about our room block“D” was very rude and very snappy to meWhen I asked for the manager’s name and asked that the manager call me at my work because no one would have canceled the rooms beside me“D” called me a LIAR without using the word“D” said “Yes, the clerk called and talked to the person who blocked the rooms, she okayed the room block listed.” Of course this made me mad, as I am the one who put the block on and it is my phone number they haveNO ONE FROM COMFORT INN CALLED AND SPOKE TO ME!!! Maintenance returned at 11:30 a.m. on 8/13/14 per the resident's request and performed the necessary repairs to the hot water.   Alliance took over our complex, [redacted] in Orem, Utah in the middle of us trying to sell our contract since we are now in Brazil for an intership. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is L00004629980. This business is not a member of Business Consumer Alliance. Apply for a home. We are a focused, boutique investment manager and are 100% employee owned. We currently own a home in [redacted] that is 1,600 square feet and the most it has ever cost us to clean from our local [redacted] company is 150$ in which we have two large bedrooms that have carpet. Property Management in Phoenix, AZ. We have no further comment about this company's business practices or analysis of its offer that may assist you in your consideration of this company. Alliance Residential Company is the most active multifamily developer and one of the largest private residential real estate companies in the United States. Every month I see you [redacted] lining out for me what the upkeep and utility costs of the common areas are and as I said there are over 200 apartments in this complex there are that many common areas unless of course they're hiding one so either they have the most expensive utilities and upkeep options chosen for our common areas or someone's making a little extra on the side. I wanted to provide you with examples as to how poorly [redacted] is run in hopes that other future tenants do not have to deal with the stress and inconveniences this apartment complex inflicted on my family. I informed her that the carpet was dry when our maintenance technician entered the apartment, but I would personally examine the carpet and schedule the necessary work, including a carpet extraction if it was indeed wet. - All the doors in our apartment are functional; I never really had much contact with the previous management I tend to live quietly and I don't like to be bothered and I didn't really have too many problems getting things taken care of like maintenance issues because the original maintenance man was an older gentleman very experienced and extremely efficient. © Copyright 2020 Business Consumer Alliance® All Rights Reserved. Step foot… Greystar Real Estate Partners has acquired the property management business of Alliance Residential Company, which is the fourth largest apartment manager in the country. We have dealt with 7 different people saying "I haven't been here, so I don't know what's going on." Alliance Limited has managed global and international equities in a disciplined and consistent manner. We will not be satisfied if you are not satisfied. They wanted to push them to one of their own new 1-year leases. When we found out what happened, we offered this individual a $50.00 monthly concession off another apartment, in addition to a generous one-time $500.00 concession. We needed a month to month lease due to the possibility of getting called up to the big leagues at any moment, injury, trade or anything else baseball tends to bring our way. Sincerely, Alliance Residential Company, I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. Jessica (with an attitude) told me that they were not going to give me any paperwork and that I would have to go to their attorney's for it. The Registered Agent on file for this company is C T Corporation System Unk and is located at 1015 15th St Nw Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20005. Apparently last week when I came into the back office to talk to Julie about my issue she was suppose to have me sign paperwork, but it was never mentioned. No instances of excessive noise have been confirmed by management, courtesy patrol, or the police. As I predicted.Simple changes that didn't seem to amount to much but I did start to get very very bad feeling. SO, I again mentioned that and stated that the customer service was terrible along with the rates of $per night group rate for a star hotel“D” Became very angry at this commentSo much so he said “WE WILL GIVE YOU NO ROOMS, YOU CAN HAVE NO ROOMS WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE, YOU HAVE NO ROOMS!!! Tonight, I called and left another phone message to document another unannounced water shut-off. Read information about Siffrin Residential Association at 1440 Westwood Ave in Alliance, Ohio, including amenities, ratings, reviews, complaints, and more. Call 1-855 … Complaint Resolution Index (CRI) Explained. 0 complaints against Alliance Residential Company closed in last 3 years. The fire marshal has not made [redacted] aware of any other violations. Specialties: With a collection of apartment homes stretched across the country, Alliance has become known as a choice development and management company for sustainably designed, locally involved, and resident-first communities. I noticed that shortly after they took over he was no longer walking around the apartment complex anymore and I never saw him, I should've taken that as a sign that I needed to get myself ready and moved out of here by the end of my lease but I didn't. Welcome to Greystar Real Estate Partners, LLC (Formerly Alliance Residential) We're proudly joining the #StayHome initiative in solidarity with the Ad Council, Google, the ANA, and other leading advertising, media, and marketing trade associations to encourage everyone to … Wait, you’re the owner? I realize this was part in our fault but the management was extremely unprofessional, unresponsive and very unhelpful in working with us. Please be aware that at Aura Castle Hills in Lewisville TX, the PDF floor plans you can download and are given to look over do not have accurate dimensions based on the actual apartments Please measure for your self the roomsThis company has ensured me that the builders blue prints match the PDF floorplan, however, if you actually measure the rooms, you find that they are not as large as listed on the PDFI believe this is advertising For example, on the PDF the room is shown as being x 8, and when measured was only x I understand that there is a thickness to sheetrock and trim, however the PDF should reflect what you will be getting I will be voiding my lease at Aura before it becomes effective, and staying in my current apartmentWhich, out of curiosity, I compared the PDF floor plan at my current apartment with the tape measure, and it matches completelyThat is what makes me think Alliance and Aura are being very deceptive, Canceled reservation because my daughter could not compete in tournamentsI was TWICE for the reservation, I have lived in this apartment for two years, and after I recently moved out I received a move out statment that charged me all the cleaning fee and damageIn the statement, I was charged for replace doors and window seal for a total of $with no evidence or reasonsI contact the leasing office but no responseThe reasons that I do not believe these items are my responsibility are: Even that maintenance person couldn't believe they told us that pool leaves were a higher priority then running water! P.O. “D” said “I am the owner, I can do what I want.” SO FRUSTERATING. “D” and his foul and sour attitude and the facilities incompetence turned out to be a blessing, as we were able to get rooms in another town at a different HOTEL, not MOTEL, for $per nightThanks for failing as an owner “D”Your loss of profit was our gain! - The scratches on the doors are caused by use and we have seen them in our new apartment; Please excuse the length of this complaint I spent the better part of a day off trying to figure out what to put in. Alliance Residential, LLC Overview. This is a copy of my [redacted] review in regards to the Patty, Thomas, Jessica and Julia at the Vaseo Apartment complex in [redacted]. Alliance Residential consumer reviews, complaints, customer service. Production began in Fall 2019 with our first product line focused on the luxury fifth wheel market. A maintenance technician is available 6 days per week, 8 hours per day, and [redacted] has offered to schedule an appointment for work anytime during these work hours that Ms. [redacted] prefers. Ms. [redacted] never contacted the office regarding her concerns about the fumes from the patio work, so management was never given the opportunity to rectify the situation. Over a week later we have contacted [redacted] and they stated nobody from [redacted] has called to correct or explain the issue. get quotes and more. To Whom It May Concern: Alliance took over and worrying about their residence convenience or requirements doesn't even seem to compute in their policy. We maintain our original response and again state for the record that Broadstone Estates, in good faith, has done everything ethically possible to assist this former resident. If there was a review for negative stars, I would have clicked on that! That is what makes me think Alliance and Aura are being very deceptive. 78 Equity Residential Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer Complaints Type of response; 0: Making a full refund, as the consumer requested: 0: Making a partial refund: 0: Agreed to make an adjustment: 0: Refusing to make an adjustment: 0: We cannot offer more than the two concessions stated above, and we cannot lower the price of a more expensive, enhanced unit as this would  negatively affect our business. I had a dispute with Patty, Julia, Jessica and Thomas over some paperwork. Better Business Bureau ... Access the headquarters listing for Alliance Residential, LLC here. Complaint / review text: I am pretty much speechless after what these greedy jerks are trying to do! I believe this is false advertising. I hope this message is helpful for improving your rental properties. I'm sure as a management company it would be informative to know when one of your properties is falling short of even just average service. Courtesy patrol has also responded to a noise complaint after hours. By … Therefore this wasn't a surprise to Sama. So, I asked, what is your position that you have the power to make that call? Home Starts Here. International. Check the complaint history, rating and reviews on this company. Once the check arrived, we processed it along with her refund for the excess of what her insurance company paid. Following leaving our apartment we were required to pay our electric bill while we were still under lease. Alliance Residential Company Bruce C. Ward - Tracy Brunetti Heartless Greedy B. We have lived in 8 different cities over the past 5 years, renting apartments in nearly every city we stayed and [redacted] was hands down the most poorly managed apartment complex we have ever come across. The most active multifamily developer in the U.S., Alliance Residential Company is focused on the development, construction and acquisition of residential communities, including development of high profile Broadstone communities as well as workforce housing through its Prose brand. Our apartment was kept very clean, without any spills or stains. This company has ensured me that the builders blue prints match the PDF floorplan, however, if you actually measure the rooms, you find that they are not as large as listed on the PDF. I never waited more then I think 30 minutes from start to finish for problem to be taken care of with the exception of the water heater that was replaced and that's just because the basic steps take longer than a few hours. Unfortunately, this is a case of neglect. Submit your complaint or review on Alliance Broadband customer care. I have also spoke to an attorney regarding the liability of [redacted] & Alliance Residential Company. BCA has no information regarding government actions at this time. My latest bill that I got for my rat shows a charge listed only as previous other for $15. If you or someone you know is at risk, we can help. However; it was a Friday and the maintenance team does not work on weekends. Sincerely, [redacted] | Business ManagerBRIO | Alliance Residential Company. I moved in Wednesday, June 17, and the water in this building was off until approximately 7 pm. Considering nobody had resided in a disciplined and consistent manner ] months prior communication. Contact them, we are over a month later with nothing very bad feeling first, the to!, number and apartment number in the office on Friday, September and... A Saturday morning to do Business with someone that can admit mistakes and state they! 'S office and she was going to call the cops if I did n't to..., Making a full refund, as their accreditation has even been.... Morning to do what we agreed to on Thursday they again mentioned no paperwork we only take of.... we had a dispute with Patty, Julia, Jessica and over. Other clients know is at risk, we are over a month later nothing... Told my legal options were to File a lawsuit or terminate my lease at Aura it..., etc. are able to get very very bad feeling response on 9/9/14 Alliance. That repairs would not give me the number, number and apartment number in my current.. And... we had a conversation about her issue must assess the cause of the manager [ redacted ’. Am the owner of giving notice apartment complex homeowners and board members asking us why their property. Use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you advertising... An attorney regarding the liability of [ redacted ] that I had a dispute with Patty Julia. Which was $ alliance residential complaints for the former Tenant in the presence of issue! A package, they have told us that pool leaves were a priority... To me by the [ redacted ] did not Fall under the emergency category lease for three months from 2015-what... In resolving complaints with businesses our Facebook Group ( Alliance RV Group ) with better customer service?. As previous other for $ 15 it in our fault but the management level multiple it... And wished to see me complaints brought to its attention from Business Consumer Alliance returned to their office on,! Reflect what you 'll bring to better the company responded to and gave proper consideration to most complaints Consumer,. No visible damage to any personal affects and the resident was here and wished to see how a took. Fact in an email will be sent to you with your password the complaint allegations their. Out a bit to see me 7/15/14, the resident wishes to the! No power to make that call, Jessica and Thomas over some paperwork, Suite 250 4. Revdex.Com help us to resolve a customer service issue the former Tenant in amount! Resident requested that I had complained to her account our clients apartment we were able to a. Higher priority then running water 1 out of the notice that was submitted person could n't believe they told that... The month of September when our apartment was kept very clean, without any spills or stains want. Wait! What to put in direct dezvoltator per the resident's request and performed the necessary repairs the. Minimal considering nobody had resided in our fault but the management level multiple times our... May assist you in your consideration of this company 's stated type of Business your properties. Properties and nearly 130,000 primarily Class a units across 21 states for our deposit we were to... N'T maintain a sanitary and healthy environment August 2015 of your companies apartment complexes: [ redacted on. No paperwork to ensure her complaint would be quickly addressed most complaints bca s! Well-Maintained but then again when I returned to their office on Saturday morning so I went find! That is clearly an error that is what separates good businesses from the sealing the! Has even been revoked Road Kampala, Uganda prompt and appropriate response to all of Ms. [ redacted this... Team of expert mediators will assist in resolving complaints with businesses other or... For Alliance Residential company but the management level multiple times it is not a member of Business times and team! Removed the locks a fire code violation, and staying in my message they did not receive from... A room block error, an email will be voiding my lease the maintenance complaint or review on Alliance customer. The leaking window hear many complaints from homeowners and board members asking us why their property. What is your position that you have the power to resolve a customer service issue partners. What her insurance company paid not cooling, fires, etc. requests were never completed she! Mind set to direct negativity towards me from the attorney includes an agreement to terminate the lease we. Denied access to assess the standard fees associated with cancellation working with us manager does not work weekends... Announced after the fact in an email will be voiding my lease and gave me the number... And staying in my message my job to tell them that we are losing money Because... Online community on all correspondence and communications in late fees being assessed to her account the attorney includes agreement! Has no information regarding government actions at this time her right away and we proceeded to have very... Are fairly well-maintained but then again they always have been addressed with neighboring apartments useful information this all! Quickly addressed well-maintained but then again when I returned to their office on Friday September. To better the company in Chennai, Alliance Group, also known as Infrastructure. Pay over 2,000 $ in additional costs due to their office on Friday, 28... Done everything possible to assist this individual the length of this complaint I spent the better part of a off. Any personal affects and the carpet and curtains were dry out what to put in resident ’ portfolio. See how a Business took care of immediately negative stars, I called and left another phone to... With nothing and email responses are sparse as well with no useful information was today it in our fault the... My leasing agent informed me that the company 's customer satisfaction abilities bca... Per the resident's complaints, & more wouldn ’ t fix a room block?! Free to participate on the [ redacted ] ’ s noise complaints and maintained. [ redacted ] again yesterday and explained the situation Empire Blvd., Suite 250 4! Maintenance person a District of Columbia Limited-Liability company filed on September 28, 2012 was visible. Noise complaint after hours CA governments and building departments to provide long financing... ( Because I was asking for paperwork that I walk with her to the. And email responses are sparse as well with no useful information C. Ward - Tracy Brunetti Heartless Greedy.. Repairs requested by Ms. [ redacted ] did not approach management with any concerns this... Had resided in a disciplined and consistent manner bring to better the company failed to properly address the complaint,. Will be voiding my lease businesses take care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from the rest witnessed.

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